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I love throwing out code

... it usually means putting something cleaner and smaller back in. I'm much happier when I've cut code from an app than when I've added it - adding code is easy; removing code is like a game of Jenga, trying to see how much I can remove without making everything ...

Is it wrong to try to make the Imperial March your babys first memory?

So, paternity leave is over, and things are returning somewhat to normal, apart from lack of sleep.
Meanwhile I've taken to humming the Imperial March from Star Wars whenever taking him for a diaper change....


Writing a (Ruby) compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 20

You may or may not have seen my recent post where I admitted to more or less having decided to make my compiler project a Ruby compiler. On the downside this means a lot of complexity that may make it harder to follow. On the upside... Well, you get to read ...

Tristan Ikemefuna Hokstad

Not much sleep the last few days, and plenty of diapers... He's our first child, and was born 22:49 on April 30th, 2009. Boy, 3.8kg, 49cm long... Programming with a child on one arm is "interesting".

Here he is at two days old:

Photo of Tristan Ikemefuna Hokstad at two days old

Updated Graphviz tools on Github

I just added a new repository on GitHub containing the tools from my Graphviz / diagram related posts.
The repository can be found at:

These are the ones included and the appropriate articles:

The problem with compiling Ruby

Compiler technology is one of my hobbies, most recently satisfied with my project to write a series of post of how to write a (Ruby) compiler in Ruby. Since I really like Ruby, it's natural that I've done a fair amount of thinking about compiling Ruby, and what the problems ...

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - Milestone: It can parse itself...

Yeah, I know, it's a long time since the last part. That doesn't mean things have stopped, though I've been extremely busy.
As always, if you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at the series.

To see what I've been up to, take a look at the Github ...

The Home Cloud

My home server is now fully virtualized. When I ssh home I reach "Outland", an OpenVz container. Outland has limited access to the rest of my home network, but isn't completely isolated. I've taken the pragmatic view that allowing some access further "in" is ok too, though there's a two ...

The Ruby Object Model - Structure and Semantics

As part of my compiler project, one of my imminent decisions is what object model to use, and sine I like Ruby it seemed a good time to go through Ruby and look at the guts of the Ruby object model. If you've dabbled in meta-programming etc. for Ruby this ...