Articles tagged 'grammar'

Ruby gets a spec

A week or so ago, the Ruby Draft specification made the rounds

Yes... Ruby is finally getting a standard. While RubySpec has been around for a while, and is a great, it is an executable specification that tells you what, not why, and it aims to be "complete" while ...

Strawman for a new parser generator

I have very strong opinions when it comes to parser generators. Most parsers I've written have ended up being hand written or have used some half-assed parser generators I've written myself, because I've yet to find a parser generator I like. I've found many I like aspects of, but they invariably ...

BNF -> parser assembler

Ok, so tonight I set myself a goal of preparing an initial version of a BNF grammar with some extensions intended as a starting point for a tool to convert BNF into assembly for my parser assembler (I need to think of a proper name for it soon...). Here is the ...