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A photo a day...

There is this crazy guy who have done something I've thought about every now and again, but always been too lazy to do anything about.

Since October 1st 1998, except for a few months break in '99 and early 2000, he has taken a pic of himself every single day.


CGI spec makes me start feeling old...

After yesterday's entry on old tech, I suddenly for no reason today searched for "cgi specification" to see if the original page was still there. It is: The Common Gateway Interface

It's been unchanged for ...

I won't do your donkey work for you Ebay

Yesterday I got a phishing scam in my mailbox, purporting to be from Ebay, and requesting me to confirm my cardnumber. Apart from the obvious scam alert that was immediately ringing in my ears on reading "confirm" and "card number", I've never even used Ebay (yes, I'm one of those ...

Groklaw: Slip, Sliding Away on Software Patents

This article over at Groklaw covers how EPO (The European Patent Office) went about to justify granting software patents even though current EU patent law doesn't allow it.

It follows up with some quotes on the future of patents from the USPTO.


Pervasive version control

Martin Fowler, consultant and author of books such as UML Distilled has an interesting short article on Subversion:

As someone who uses version control all the time, I think it's something that can grow into more areas of computer use. Other than software developers, few ...

Yahoo pledges full Firefox compatibility

It's strange when you work at a company and find out cool new stuff like this from a news site first, but that's the way it gets in a large company... Anyway, I'm was thrilled to read this ZDNet article.

Most ...

Code v2 - Transformation

What's most interesting about Lawrence Lessig's latest experiment - the release of Code v2.0 on a Wiki is not that he released it for free. By now that is no longer a novelty

Neither is it particularly novel ...

My 100th post

I don't know whether I should be scared or upbeat about having posted 100 entries in less than two weeks... But's it's a fun experiment, and I've learned more about subjects such as the semantic web, rdf, Atom and a variety of other subjects in the last two weeks than in ...

Semantic Web Round Up

I've written a few entries about the Semantic Web already, but since my deadline is nearing on my essay for the MSc. course I'm doing, I've started rounding up a few links that I think is worthwhile sharing as well.

That's a debate that seems to be getting ...