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An alternative view on the pope

I sickens me to see the attention the pope's health gets. Not least because he himself have shown such blatant disregard for the health of the millions of people he has sentenced to death with his continuing hardline view on condom use.

Millions of people are dead or dying as a ...

DIY hell - again...

But I've finally finished the living room painting and flooring, so at least parts of the house are starting to look decent. Just missing some skirting board, a few book cases and a nice, big, plasma TV and I'll be happy with the living room ;)
Mostly, anyway.


SCO: Crash and burn

you'll find PJ doing her great analysis work again - this time on SCO's 10K, which they've finally delivered.

The overall impression is that it would suck really badly to be a SCO shareholder at this point. Not that it hasn't before. But this 10K is ...

TSA lied about Secure Flight

Joi Ito has a very disturbing entry about the US Transportation Security Administration, and their passenger profiling efforts: It's Official: TSA Lied

What disturbs me the most about these programs is the secrecy and the fact that there's been no form of independent ...

Is SAJAX needed?

Sam Ruby says Sajax is still unsafe

While I haven't looked at the safety aspects of it, I have to ask if it's needed at all?

When Gmail launched I'd already been interested in this approach for a while, after seeing stuff like Netwindows.


The ownership of data

Ian Forrester over at has written about data ownership and it's relationship to the vs debate.

While I must confess to be amongst the heathens who actually haven't used either yet (though I've had a quick peek), I have strong feelings about data ownership, ...

Another 24 hours of ignoring the news.

I just find April Fools annoying. It used to have some element of fun as a child, and when you'd only see a couple of dubious news entries all day. But these days you can't trust anything on April Fools, so what's the point of reading news at all today?


La Vida Robot

Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot:

How four underdogs from the mean streets of Phoenix took on the best from M.I.T. in the national underwater bot championship.

A great read, whether you like robots or not..


C++ and reuse

Over at the Manageability blog there's an interesting entry titled Manageability - Google's Coding Culture and C addressing the lack of uniformity in C++.

There's a few points I'd like to discuss in that regard.

*update*: I also posted a rather lengthy ...