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Why REST is Better

Manageability - Why REST is Better - Part 1 - Explained in Code is part 1 in a series of (so far?) 5 articles over at (this blog is highly recommended if you're interested in ...

SOAP and simplicity - why not just REST?

Sean McGrath's article 'Behind the firewall, nobody can hear you scream.' provides a great summary of some of the issues with SOAP

Personally, my main griped with SOAP (and with XML-RPC but to a much lesser extent), ...

C++ XML Parser rant

I've been toying with Atom over the weekend. Or should I say I've been frustrating over the quality (or lack of) C++ XML parsers.

We have the C++ version of Xerces, but I've never liked it. Probably because it's refusal to use namespaces and exceptions, and the cumbersome (and slow!) ...

TV Listings via RSS/Atom?

I want my TV listings via RSS or Atom. Atom would be great because it allows arbitrary XML to be inserted, so you could add RDF triples to add machine readable versions of most of the information.

It would in particular be interesting to allow easy publication of customised schedules for ...

The long tail of software

I've just finished reading Bnoopy: The long tail of software. Millions of Markets of Dozens. and I highly recommend it.

The idea of a long tail is not new, but was popularized by Chris Anderson of Wired. ...

Do we need the Semantic Web?

ZDNet UK takes a brief look at the current status of the Semantic Web in this article.

I'm currently preparing an essay on the Semantic Web as part of my MSc. studies with Open University, so ...

Text banking trialled in Kenya

It has always fascinated me how current technology in many cases allow developing nations to leapfrog costly stages of the development that the industrialized countries went through.

The Inquirer has an article about how text messaging is being tested for banking in Kenya via a pilot headed up by

Groundbreaking fund for life extension research reaches $1 million

Via FuturePundit: Methuselah Mouse Prize Fund Reaches $1 Million: The fund is dedicated to rewarding research into ago, specifically via two prices related to life extension in mice. Longer term the goal is to translate the research into therapies for humans ...

23 questions to the EU Council

In Letter to the Council: What happened on monday? FFII requests answers to 23 questions to clarify what actually went on at the infamous council meeting that approved the software patents directive.