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The Home Cloud

My home server is now fully virtualized. When I ssh home I reach "Outland", an OpenVz container. Outland has limited access to the rest of my home network, but isn't completely isolated. I've taken the pragmatic view that allowing some access further "in" is ok too, though there's a two ...

OpenVZ and Apache troubleshooting: PRNG still contains insufficient entropy!

I was setting up Apache on OpenVZ earlier today, and ran into a problem with enabling SSL. Apache would refuse to start, and I'd see this in the error log:

 [Sat May 24 07:48:10 2008] [warn] Init: PRNG still contains insufficient entropy! [Sat May 24 07:48:10 2008] [error] Init: ...

OpenVz, /proc/user_beancounters and tcpsndbuf

If you're using OpenVz, you owe it to yourself to take a look at /proc/user_beancounters every now and again. Just today at work we were having bizarre problems with one of the containers:

Everything would seemingly work fine. Then the load would spike from 0.something to 150+ in less than a ...

Rebuilding the build server on every build

At Edgeio we had a very complex software system. It was NOT a typical small little LAMP setup or little Rails setup. The web app was the simple piece. The complex pieces were things like processing 3 million+ blog feeds every days, and building a search engine and getting it ...

Joys of virtualization

There is something oddly pleasurable in a zen kind of way to be able to log into an OpenVz container, and see a process list like this:

 root@ldap:~# pstree init-+-apache2---apache2 |-cron |-slapd---3*[{slapd}] |-syslogd `-vzctl---bash---pstree 

This is everything that's running in our new OpenLDAP container at work, including Apache ...