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Mangle other peoples pages (legally of course)

Greasemonkey is heaven sent if you ever run across sites with useful content but that are persistently "broken" or have usability problems. It lets you write small scripts to modify another sites web pages on the fly as you're visiting them.

A wide range of ready ...

Canopy out of SCO

According to this article at some of the terms of the Ralph Yarro-SCO settlement includes Canopy handing over their SCO shares to Yarro.

Why he'd actually want them is anybodys guess, but it might seem as a face saving measure ...

First mover advantage

In the business world you'll often hear about 'first mover advantage'. It has an almost mythical quality to it: Gain first mover advantage, and all will be well. Of course, everyone knows it's not sufficient for success, but it is seen as a way of massively increasing your chances.

But is ...

AIM TOS: 'You waive any right to privacy'

Thrashing Through Cyberspace: AOL Eavesdrops, Grants Itself Permission To Steal Your AIM Conversations is a pretty shocking entry covering changes in AOL's Terms Of Service for AIM.

AOL essentially claims all rights to whatever you send through ...

Combining photos with maps

next stop: semantic metaverse � Mapping flickr Photos discusses Mappr - an application that overlays flickr photos on a map.

I love the concept - while surfing the net it's always struck me that things like travel descriptions, isolated pictures etc. ...

Rat in a maze

This week has been strange. It's gone by as in a daze. It's partly the new office - new routines, new locations, builder swarming around us desperately trying to finish up the last bits and pieces. It's partly been the change in my commute, an extra change and a new few ...

Innovation through inaccurate emulation

On the train home today I suddenly for no apparent reason started thinking about a subject that have interested me for a long time: The idea of innovation as a side effect of inaccurately emulating something else.

If you've ever looked at a picture of some device and imagined how it ...

Better Bad News satirises Google AdLink

BetterBadNews has a funny take on Google's controversial AdLink.