I love throwing out code 2009-05-14

... it usually means putting something cleaner and smaller back in. I'm much happier when I've cut code from an app than when I've added it - adding code is easy; removing code is like a game of Jenga, trying to see how much I can remove without making everything tumbling down (not that I aim to go to the brink, mind you).

Just started thinking about that because I just ripped out lots of CSS (thanks to Blueprint) and a good chunk of code from my blog - hopefully it looks nicer at least. I've also replaced my homegrown comment system with Disqus. I've kept the old comment system for now. If (when) I decide Disqus works well enough I'll migrate the old comments and tear that out too.

If you come across something that is broken (this was a quick and dirty spur of the moment thing, sans unit tests...) please let me know.

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