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UK: No sunset clause on control orders

Tony Blair has just won a key vote in the House of Commons rejecting a sunset clause for the terrorism bill that would have seen it expire in November.

What does his insistence on not accepting a sunset clause tell us? That he thinks there's a significant chance he'd be unable ...

Dan Gillmor: Terrorism and the Internet

Head over to Dan Gillmor's blog for info on his participation at the International Summit on Democracy, Security and Terrorism in Madrid.

Related to the same conference, Joi Ito points out that the organizers have restricted press access to the summit. Note: See update below

I hope more ...

Get rich and famous...

by blogging at work. All you ever wanted to know about how to talk about your co-workers behind your back online without getting fired...

Now, why did I plaster my name all over my blog... I should have created a cool alter ego or something.


Algorithmic world building the Elite way

Ever since I realised how Elite worked, the concept of using algorithms seeded by pseudo-random number generator have fascinated me.

In Elite, the whole "universe" was formed by seeding a simple pseudo random number generator with a fixed value and following fixed steps to generate "galaxies", and then seeding ...

Brave New World

Blair defiant on terror measures despite massive opposition in the House of Lords.

It is beyond me how Blair can stomach to introduce what in effect is a return to the days when the government could lock someone up without evidence.

The very fact that these "control orders" are ...

Computer case that truly blows is the place for all kinds of cool projects based around MiniITX and other small factor motherboards. Today they're featuring The Cool Cube - a computer case built entirely out of case fans...


Design patterns and embedded design

RealTime Mantra at is a useful resource covering varying aspects of realtime and embedded software design.

It also contains a great set of sequence diagrams for implementing various network protocols, as well as design patterns and a more formal pattern catalog. While the main focus is ...

Something you're ashamed of?

Post it to, or alternatively just read other peoples confessions and laugh your ass off (or get grossed out)


Your Functional Programming Language Nightmares Come True

The other day covered Wouter's languages.

But some of them actually make a great deal of sense. Quite unlike pure evil that is Unlambda - a pure functional language based exclusively on combinators.

Seeing Unlambda brought back bad ...