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The "problem" with Global Menu Bars

Gregory Williams gets it.

He's criticising a OS News article called The Problem with Global Menu Bars.

As a past Amiga user I agree with almost everything he says.

The global menu bar is to me still a much ...

Matt Dillon on Dragonfly journalling FS

I've never been much of a BSD guy - tend to run Linux at home - but I do admire Matt Dillon a lot. A co-worker mentioned this
to me, and it's just immensely cool.

Dillon is working on a journalling FS that allow ...

Serving XML: Pipelines and Filters

Serving XML is a system for pipelining XML via SAX, passing the data through a series of SAX filters and/or XSL transformations.

Unfortunately for me it's Java (I read Java, and write a bit when I have to, but I still don't like it). However it's the concept ...

Programming and inspiration

Sometimes I get inspired, and can write thousands of lines of a program without even a design upfront just based on an idea, being limited only by how fast I can type. Like when I was playing with my parser assembler language earlier this week (my remaining problem is what ...

Style: SWT port to C++

I came across Style at Freshmeat:

You gave a hard cold look at CPLAT, FLTK, Juce, NoWait, Qt, Toad, VCF, WxWidgets and ZooLib and you came back with the idea that C++ Cross Platform UI toolkits might be fine for ...

Is SAJAX needed?

Sam Ruby says Sajax is still unsafe

While I haven't looked at the safety aspects of it, I have to ask if it's needed at all?

When Gmail launched I'd already been interested in this approach for a while, after seeing stuff like Netwindows.


PHP Naive Bayesian Filter

Thanks to Bitflux Blog for this link to a PHP bayesian filter.

The linked page also points to James Seng's plugin for Movable Type to do Bayesian filtering of comments.

In case you don't read French, I've done a quick (and ...

Mozilla AOM

Ever wanted to program XUL applications or extend Mozilla? Mozilla Object Reference covers the Mozilla Application Object Model with lots of reference material and tutorials.

(AND it contains an RDF model categorising all the data and a sidebar extension for Mozilla to browse it ...