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MySQL founders: Kill all the patents

Great article in eWeek on the anti patent views of two of the MySQL co-founders (and some notes on MySQL 5.0): MySQL Founders: Kill All the Patents

'[Patents] just stall innovation. Look at an extension of patents. I don't see any difference in ...

Floarian Mueller to give up software patent fight

From ZDNet UK: Anti-patent campaigner hangs up his gloves

Florian Mueller has been a tireless campaigner over the last year, and together with the people at FFII he's managed to create enough difficulties for the pro-patent lobby that the directive ...

Groklaw: Report from UK PTO software patent workshop

Groklaw has this eyewitness report from the UK Patent Office's Technical Contribution Workshops related to the EU software patents directive.

Don't expect much to come out of this - the UK government is firmly pro-software patents, but it's interesting anyway.


Wired summary of EU software patents

Wendy M. Grossmann has written a good summary of the current status of the EU software patents mess here


Groklaw: Slip, Sliding Away on Software Patents

This article over at Groklaw covers how EPO (The European Patent Office) went about to justify granting software patents even though current EU patent law doesn't allow it.

It follows up with some quotes on the future of patents from the USPTO.


It's official: The EU is a banana republic

The article European Union is a banana republic points out that thanks to the Software patents debacle one of the first results if you search for "banana republic" on Google is now a EU website.

Let's make it worse. Link to the EU ...

23 questions to the EU Council

In Letter to the Council: What happened on monday? FFII requests answers to 23 questions to clarify what actually went on at the infamous council meeting that approved the software patents directive.