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OOXML: Ashamed of Standard Norge and insulting comments from Alex Brown

As a Norwegian, I've been steaming all weekend over the decision of the Norwegian national body to vote for OOXML against the wishes of the technical committee. Promoting the repair shop philosophy is a good redux on the embarrassing decision. Tthe only votes for were reportedly from Standard Norge bureaucrats, ...

XAML vs XUL with a bit of Entity thrown in

I haven't bothered following Avalon and XAML a lot, so mezzoblue: Avalon/XAML First Look was a very interesting quick overview.

My impression is that this isn't very interesting.

XUL show significant more promise in the pure UI space for the reasons that 1) it's ...

Plugged in to Microsoft's biggest rival

Via Peter O'Kellys reality check: The Seattle Times: Microsoft: Plugged in to Microsoft's biggest rival:

"My belief is that open-source software is going to help drive the acquisition cost of software down toward zero," he said, a shift ...

Screw you Bill!

Study Says UK Workers Stressed by Deceitful Office Culture and Microsoft tries to use the study to sell software...

Apparently Microsoft software will make information flow more efficient, thereby increasing the honesty of staff. An obvious conclusion!

One might be tempted to conclude that perhaps Microsoft should let Bill and ...