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Harald Welte: Giving the GPL teeth

For a second time Harald Welte have managed to secure a preliminary injunction against a likely GPL violator.

Add to that tireless work in discussing the GPL with alledged violators and handing out large numbers of cease and desist letters, and Harald has become one of ...

Copyright and patents are NOT property

Dana Blankenhorn posted an excellent rebuttal to Jonathan Schwartz' latest tripe:

"Let me respond as clearly as I can. I don’t believe in IP. Patents and copyrights are monopolies, allowed under the Constitution for ...

A proposal to solve the 'Orphan Works' problem

This article at Groklaw looks at one option for solving the orphan works problem:

The Copyright Office has been holding hearings on access to "orphan" works. These aren't movies about kids who have lost their parents -- Little Orphan Annie, say. They are works which are still ...

ADTI invents new silly claims about open source

In a completely unsurprising move The Alexis de Tocqueville Institution's Kenneth Brown is trying to discredit OSS again.

After his miserable, failed attempt at discrediting the roots of Linux by claiming it was copied from Minix (a claim disputed even by Minix' author ...

Google sued by French Press

Agence France Presse is suing Google for syndicating their news stories on Google News.
I found out about this via this post at ThreadWatch. See also this CNet article.

This lawsuit cuts to the heart of fair use and ...

Lessig takes stand against restrictive publication agreements

On his blog Lawrence Lessig notes that he's commited himself to open access for future works to be published in academic journals.

Quote: "I will not agree to publish in any academic journal that does not permit me the freedoms of at least a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial ...

Tracking GPL Violations

The project is just what it says - a project to track and address violations of the GNU General Public License