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BlogPulse Conversation Tracker

Via Mike Liksvayer: BlogPulse Conversation Tracker is a specialized search that attempts to build a view of the "conversation" that is created by people commenting on a blog entry around the web.

This is the kind of application that would be so much easier with widespread use ...

Greasemonkey as a lightweight intermediary

Via Intertwingly:

Jon Udell wrote an entry called The architecture of intermediation on how he as a user would like a way of adding features to a web application.

Simon Willison followed up with this article on using Greasemonkey as a ...

PHP Naive Bayesian Filter

Thanks to Bitflux Blog for this link to a PHP bayesian filter.

The linked page also points to James Seng's plugin for Movable Type to do Bayesian filtering of comments.

In case you don't read French, I've done a quick (and ...

Floarian Mueller to give up software patent fight

From ZDNet UK: Anti-patent campaigner hangs up his gloves

Florian Mueller has been a tireless campaigner over the last year, and together with the people at FFII he's managed to create enough difficulties for the pro-patent lobby that the directive ...

The Temporal content of Web pages

is an OWL ontology for describing temporal aspects of web pages or web-services.

One very useful aspect of it is that it's fairly readable and well documented, and comes with several example files - as such it's a great way of getting more familiar with OWL.


Bootstrapping assemblers/compilers

I know perfectly well what to do and not to do, yet I keep getting bitten by this anyway:

Do NOT change the language without first taking a copy of a working environment... NO, checking everything in to CVS/Subversion is NOT sufficient - you need to verify you have a working ...

Threaded Description Language

Thread Description Language (TDL)

TDL is an RDF vocabulary for desribing threaded discussions, such as Usenet, weblogs, bulletin boards, and e-mail conversations.

So what could it be used for? One obvious thing would be to enable client software to access web ...

Mozilla AOM

Ever wanted to program XUL applications or extend Mozilla? Mozilla Object Reference covers the Mozilla Application Object Model with lots of reference material and tutorials.

(AND it contains an RDF model categorising all the data and a sidebar extension for Mozilla to browse it ...

Miss having a cat

There is something extremely compelling about Wil Wheaton's writing. Even when writing about how he has to let go
to save it from further suffering, he manages to do it in an upbeat way by telling the story of how ...