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Our Hidden Digital Libraries

How I learned about my dad, and the difficulties my son could find in learning about me the same way

Eivind Hokstad - my dad
Eivind Hokstad (my dad); picture from late 80's

Vacation over

Just got back from a short vacation on the Isle of Wight and New Forest on Sunday night... Since then we've been relaxing at home, apart from a two hour detour to the office.

All my known ancestors

Toying with my script from the previous post... Not limiting the number of generations, and processing it with neato instead of dot (still from Graphviz) gives this cool diagram... I haven't tried removing overlaps. I also have some changes to allow including siblings (the diagram below includes only direct ancestors). ...

Family tree using Graphviz and Ruby

My dad spent a lot of time putting together a family database, currently containing about 12000 people covering both my parents ancestors as well as tracking forward to contain a lot of living descendants. Unfortunately, since he started this over 16-17 years ago it's been managed as a custom dBase III+ ...

Is it wrong to try to make the Imperial March your babys first memory?

So, paternity leave is over, and things are returning somewhat to normal, apart from lack of sleep.
Meanwhile I've taken to humming the Imperial March from Star Wars whenever taking him for a diaper change....


Tristan Ikemefuna Hokstad

Not much sleep the last few days, and plenty of diapers... He's our first child, and was born 22:49 on April 30th, 2009. Boy, 3.8kg, 49cm long... Programming with a child on one arm is "interesting".

Here he is at two days old:

Photo of Tristan Ikemefuna Hokstad at two days old