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A brief introduction to Semantic Dictionary Encoding

I've read a lot of research papers over the years, but there I keep coming back to like Professor Dr. Michael Franz' doctoral dissertation: Code-Generation On-the-Fly: A Key to Portable Software (PDF).

I've been harping about Semantic Dictionary Encoding (SDE) ever since I first read the paper back in ...

Unholy: Converting Ruby 1.9 bytecode to Python bytecode

_why is at it again...

I can't quite agree with myself if this is seriously demented or tremendously cool... (Yes, it's mostly only an idea, with only the barest hint of doing anything "useful", but anyway..)


Parser assembler, RDF and Turtle

I've kept working on my parser assembler, but it's moving slow thanks to actually having a day job to do... However tonight I mostly finished a parser for Turtle - a subset of N3 that allows convenient specification of RDF triples.

It ended up at about 1KB of bytecode, ...

Parser assembler update

An update on my assembly language for parsing. I now have a parser for the assembly language written using the bytecode it will generate that will parse the full syntax. Total bytecode size?

About 400 bytes.

(*UPDATE*: Ok, ...

An 'assembly' language for parsing

I've mentioned my forays into push parsers previously. But after looking at that approach, I realised I needed a bit more flexibility. So I got the idea of designing a tiny assembly like language for building push parsers with. This is analogous to building an NFA or DFA, but with ...