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Parser assembler update

My BNF to parser assembler translator is coming along nicely, allthough slower than I had hoped. My plan is to finish most of it within a week or so, and put together a webpage with the source code etc. the following weekend. Then it'll be time to go back and test ...


is a search engine that analyse the text on a page to try to extract the text that answers a natural language question.

I played with this idea 5-6 years ago, but shelved it partly because I don't know enough about natural language processing, and ...

Crib notes for the Turing test

Crib Notes for the Turing Test

'Humans have a different term for everything! "Forget" = deallocate memory "Medicine" = debugging "Sleep" = database regeneration "Watching TV" = idle loop '

Say it with a postcard

PostSecret is a site that posts images of homemade postcards they receive that people have written their secrets on...

Some of them are quite remarkable, and most are intriguing for the combination of words and imagery and the fact that you get so little context and have no idea ...

Managing time

One of my biggest challenges has always been managing my time. The main reason is because by nature I'm all over the place. If you've read my rants on RDF, parsing technology and the DOM for instance, you might have noticed how I started looking at RSS, decided I wanted a ...

Uncovering the simplicity of programming

Subtext - an "example centric" programming language.

While I didn't particularly like Subtext itself from what I've seen so far (that doesn't say much, I'm extremely picky), I like a lot of the overall ideas, and there's a document on that site everyone should read:

Setting clear expectations

During my years of managing and being managed, there is one aspect in particular that I've noticed is often badly handled.

Setting expectations is a hard requirement for getting the performance you want out of somebody.

But it is also a hard requirement for keeping someone motivated.

From personal experience, I ...

The "problem" with Global Menu Bars

Gregory Williams gets it.

He's criticising a OS News article called The Problem with Global Menu Bars.

As a past Amiga user I agree with almost everything he says.

The global menu bar is to me still a much ...

2005-04-18 China Builds Nano-operated Robot

If true, this report seems like a big leap forward. Unfortunately the report is extremely brief, and doesn't give much to go on.

Chinese nanotech research does appear to be rapidly advancing, though, with past announcements of material advances, and cooperation with Germany exemplifying their increased ...