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Vacation over

Just got back from a short vacation on the Isle of Wight and New Forest on Sunday night... Since then we've been relaxing at home, apart from a two hour detour to the office.

Proof of concept SVG editor gadget for Google Wave

A couple of days ago I presented a "emulator" of sorts to run Google Wave gadgets without sandbox access because Google hadn't started giving out access yet. They have now, to Google IO attendees at least but not to the rest of us (or have they?) so I still don't have ...

Google Wave Gadget Emulator

The Google Wave demo contained a variety of "gadgets" - small little apps written in Javascript that interacts with Wave.

Google Wave as infrastructure

It's new but not new

All of the things in the Wave demo are possible without Wave. The interesting thing about Wave is not so much the application, but the infrastructure, the protocol and the underlying concepts. Many limited collaboration apps have offered various subsets of the Wave functionality, for example, and ...

All my known ancestors

Toying with my script from the previous post... Not limiting the number of generations, and processing it with neato instead of dot (still from Graphviz) gives this cool diagram... I haven't tried removing overlaps. I also have some changes to allow including siblings (the diagram below includes only direct ancestors). ...

Family tree using Graphviz and Ruby

My dad spent a lot of time putting together a family database, currently containing about 12000 people covering both my parents ancestors as well as tracking forward to contain a lot of living descendants. Unfortunately, since he started this over 16-17 years ago it's been managed as a custom dBase III+ ...

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 19

If you've been following the commits to the Github repository, you've already seen this go in... Specifically, this was the state as at the end of this post. Here's finally some ...

Making Graphviz output pretty with XSL - Updated

Over a year ago I posted an XSL file for prettying up Graphviz diagrams

I got lots of feedback, and recently I've been fixing various bugs, and I finally got around to adding support for more of the Graphviz node shapes etc.

Here's an example of various node types and colors with ...

Making Graphviz output pretty with XSL

NOTE: See the updated version of this stylesheet HERE

UPDATED: Example of the latest version here

A couple of years back I posted some about an XSL transformation I used to clean up Graphviz output to make my diagrams prettier. These days I use Omni Graffle for most of ...