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Definition of irony: RIAA members worry about Steve Jobs near monopoly power

It's hard not to take pleasure in this: Music moguls trumped by Steve Jobs?

Music labels are apparently increasingly worried over the price setting power Apple has gotten by virtue of controlling around 70% of the music download market.

Considering this ...

Validating a parser generator

A large part of validating a parser generator, such as my BNF to parser assembler tool is ensuring the generated parser is equivalent to a well tested hand written parser.

Generally, my approach is to start bringing the hand written parser for ...

Atheist website censored as 'occult'

Via Atheist revolution: The atheist website God is for Suckers! has been blocked by the censorware of SonicWall in yet another example of why censor ware is bad you.

The problem I have with censor ware is that the people being censored are rarely ...

Mozillazine discussion on SVG in Mozilla/Firefox

I have been waiting for Firefox to support SVG for ages now.

It's one of the largest missing pieces to turn Firefox with XUL into full fledged portable applications platform. There are other gaps too, such as 3D support ...

"I lined up at the wrong theatre for Star Wars, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

Wil Wheaton has been out taunting Star Wars nerds by pointing out that perhaps waiting in line at the wrong cinema as an act of protest (that is, it became an act of protest when someone pointed ...

Parser generation from BNF

I've been slow to post the last few days because I've been working on my parser assembler, and in particular a tool to generate assembly from BNF. I ran into two problems that's been slowing me down:

- I'm not quite comfortable with the trigger mechanism yet - the issue is ...

Are you a victim of age discrimination?

Ted Rall's comics are rude, extremely politically biased (you're not likely to like most of his stuff if you're a Republican, though the Democrats gets a few bloody noses as well), frequently tasteless, and always politically incorrect.

Are you a victim of age discrimination? is perhaps ...