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Crib notes for the Turing test

Crib Notes for the Turing Test

'Humans have a different term for everything! "Forget" = deallocate memory "Medicine" = debugging "Sleep" = database regeneration "Watching TV" = idle loop '

"I lined up at the wrong theatre for Star Wars, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

Wil Wheaton has been out taunting Star Wars nerds by pointing out that perhaps waiting in line at the wrong cinema as an act of protest (that is, it became an act of protest when someone pointed ...

Are you a victim of age discrimination?

Ted Rall's comics are rude, extremely politically biased (you're not likely to like most of his stuff if you're a Republican, though the Democrats gets a few bloody noses as well), frequently tasteless, and always politically incorrect.

Are you a victim of age discrimination? is perhaps ...

Why did I not know about the Opus 25 year anniversary collection?

Opus/Bloom County/Outland is one of my all times favourite comics. If you haven't ready it, shame on you.. If you're a fan but have completely failed to notie the 25 year anniversary collection just like me (yes, I'm deeply disturbed by the fact tht I have overlooked it for this long), ...

Better Bad News satirises Google AdLink

BetterBadNews has a funny take on Google's controversial AdLink.


'Pluto could have been a strung-out heroin addict'

From Wired News: Furthermore archive (look for the headline Disarmed Robbery)


Now I finally know the right ways of getting rid of people...

Slacker Manager: The unspoken language of... gives you all the advice you'll ever need (and some that's likely to get people to snicker behind your back whenever you pass by) for ending unwanted meetings and getting rid of those annoying people who always try ...

Do YOU work with fools?

Some of the stories at
seem strangely familiar... Of course I'm talking about past jobs.... :)