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Eight Docker Development Patterns

In the past I've written about my "home cloud" that used to be OpenVz containers, and how I've come to advocate rebuilding the "build server" for every build

Docker has quickly become one of my favorite enabling tools for this overall philosophy of creating repeatable builds that ...

The Home Cloud

My home server is now fully virtualized. When I ssh home I reach "Outland", an OpenVz container. Outland has limited access to the rest of my home network, but isn't completely isolated. I've taken the pragmatic view that allowing some access further "in" is ok too, though there's a two ...

Operations is a development concern

Over the years I've alternated between development and operations several times, often with severely blurred lines (read: startup where hiring ops people was far down the list of priorities; as well as Yahoo, where applications ops work was largely done by developers). Over the last two years the operational side has ...

Rebuilding the build server on every build

At Edgeio we had a very complex software system. It was NOT a typical small little LAMP setup or little Rails setup. The web app was the simple piece. The complex pieces were things like processing 3 million+ blog feeds every days, and building a search engine and getting it ...

Joys of virtualization

There is something oddly pleasurable in a zen kind of way to be able to log into an OpenVz container, and see a process list like this:

 root@ldap:~# pstree init-+-apache2---apache2 |-cron |-slapd---3*[{slapd}] |-syslogd `-vzctl---bash---pstree 

This is everything that's running in our new OpenLDAP container at work, including Apache ...