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How to sell and not sell a new programming language

"Everyone" that's geeky enough sooner or later at least toy with the idea of their own language (or like me write several half-assed toy compilers to test concepts - hopefully I'll actually see my latest one all the way through).

But what keeps amazing me is how new languages tends ...

Uncovering the simplicity of programming

Subtext - an "example centric" programming language.

While I didn't particularly like Subtext itself from what I've seen so far (that doesn't say much, I'm extremely picky), I like a lot of the overall ideas, and there's a document on that site everyone should read:

Error reporting during parsing

While working on my assembler/vm for parsing one of the main problems I'd overlooked (which is silly, considering how many parsers I've written to handle this problem) was error reporting. As it turns out, this is a fairly straight forward problem.

I've written parser generators in the past that generated ...

C++ and reuse

Over at the Manageability blog there's an interesting entry titled Manageability - Google's Coding Culture and C addressing the lack of uniformity in C++.

There's a few points I'd like to discuss in that regard.

*update*: I also posted a rather lengthy ...

Bootstrapping assemblers/compilers

I know perfectly well what to do and not to do, yet I keep getting bitten by this anyway:

Do NOT change the language without first taking a copy of a working environment... NO, checking everything in to CVS/Subversion is NOT sufficient - you need to verify you have a working ...

Parser assembler update

An update on my assembly language for parsing. I now have a parser for the assembly language written using the bytecode it will generate that will parse the full syntax. Total bytecode size?

About 400 bytes.

(*UPDATE*: Ok, ...

Programming Language Texts online

PLT Online is a collection of programming language theory texts and resources, all of which are freely available over the Internet.


An 'assembly' language for parsing

I've mentioned my forays into push parsers previously. But after looking at that approach, I realised I needed a bit more flexibility. So I got the idea of designing a tiny assembly like language for building push parsers with. This is analogous to building an NFA or DFA, but with ...

Your Functional Programming Language Nightmares Come True

The other day covered Wouter's languages.

But some of them actually make a great deal of sense. Quite unlike pure evil that is Unlambda - a pure functional language based exclusively on combinators.

Seeing Unlambda brought back bad ...