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Virgin Media, or how to make your customers hate you

A long rant on Virgin Media customer service and the challenges of cancelling.

On HTTP abuse

Ryan Tomayko has an interesting entry on HTTP Abuse and more specifically about the lack of proper tool support and knowledge of how to make full use of HTTP.

Damn good entry; thanks for the link.


Web 3.0 as an operating system

In Web 2.0? Try 3.0, Dan Gillmor asks:

If the web is becoming an operating system in its own right, can anyone monopolise it the way Microsoft did on personal computers? As long as the web’s basic functions remain ...

Mozillazine discussion on SVG in Mozilla/Firefox

I have been waiting for Firefox to support SVG for ages now.

It's one of the largest missing pieces to turn Firefox with XUL into full fledged portable applications platform. There are other gaps too, such as 3D support ...

The ownership of data

Ian Forrester over at has written about data ownership and it's relationship to the vs debate.

While I must confess to be amongst the heathens who actually haven't used either yet (though I've had a quick peek), I have strong feelings about data ownership, ...

Greasemonkey as a lightweight intermediary

Via Intertwingly:

Jon Udell wrote an entry called The architecture of intermediation on how he as a user would like a way of adding features to a web application.

Simon Willison followed up with this article on using Greasemonkey as a ...

CGI spec makes me start feeling old...

After yesterday's entry on old tech, I suddenly for no reason today searched for "cgi specification" to see if the original page was still there. It is: The Common Gateway Interface

It's been unchanged for ...

I won't do your donkey work for you Ebay

Yesterday I got a phishing scam in my mailbox, purporting to be from Ebay, and requesting me to confirm my cardnumber. Apart from the obvious scam alert that was immediately ringing in my ears on reading "confirm" and "card number", I've never even used Ebay (yes, I'm one of those ...

Yahoo pledges full Firefox compatibility

It's strange when you work at a company and find out cool new stuff like this from a news site first, but that's the way it gets in a large company... Anyway, I'm was thrilled to read this ZDNet article.

Most ...