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Making Graphviz output pretty with XSL - Updated

Over a year ago I posted an XSL file for prettying up Graphviz diagrams. 

I got lots of feedback, and recently I've been fixing various bugs, and I finally got around to adding support for more of the Graphviz node shapes etc.

Here's an example of various node types and colors with ...

Simple charts in Ruby using SVG::Graph

One thing that comes up time and time again when I mess around with a system, is quickly looking at frequencies of various things - for example disk usage by sub-directory, or referrer entries in my Apache access log.  Like this:

# cat /var/log/httpd/access_log | cut -d' ' -f11 | grep ...

Hypno trip down the fractal rug - animated sierpinski in javascript

It's rare I see javascripts that makes me go wow!.

I've been experimenting with the canvas element myself, and there are some cool demos of it, but I loved this both because it looks good and because the resulting code is so simple..


TraceViz: Visualizing traceroute output with graphivz

Update: Belorussian translation.

At Edgeio we had a fairly complicated network setup, and at one point I quickly hacked together a Ruby script to merge the paths generated by multiple traceroute runs together into directed graphs, showing the routing from a few selected host in our environment to all ...

Draw a logo with gradients with Ruby and Cairo

UPDATE: I have posted yet another Cairo tutorial: Web2.0 style logo reflection with Ruby and Cairo

After this entry about drawing with Cairo I decided to play around some more. The following example uses the functions I included my previous entry (you'll need to include the require's and ...

Web2.0 style logo reflection with Ruby and Cairo

I keep trying to learn more about Cairo, and cheesy logo effects seems to be as good a way as any. This evening I was playing around with clip paths, and decided to use it to create some reflections. Here are the results:

Simple drawing in Ruby with Cairo

UPDATE: I've just added another howto for Cairo about how to draw a logo with gradients

I've been playing around with Cairo for some time, and have recently been starting to rely on it more and more to avoid having to deal with drawing programs. I'm a command ...