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Managing time

One of my biggest challenges has always been managing my time. The main reason is because by nature I'm all over the place. If you've read my rants on RDF, parsing technology and the DOM for instance, you might have noticed how I started looking at RSS, decided I wanted a ...

Setting clear expectations

During my years of managing and being managed, there is one aspect in particular that I've noticed is often badly handled.

Setting expectations is a hard requirement for getting the performance you want out of somebody.

But it is also a hard requirement for keeping someone motivated.

From personal experience, I ...

Managing your way out of chaos

Through my career, I've "always" (with the exception of a one year stint in the middle) managed people. However it's been something I fell into more or less by chance, and I didn't have any formal training in management practices when I first did it.

I've recounted some of my learning ...

Make your customers work for you

Brian over at FutureWire has written a short article called Smart Companies Putting Their Customers to Work based on this article over at the Economist.

Harnessing advanced customers is ...

Giving balanced feedback - How not to be a jerk

Our the years I've been involved in the design and planning phases of a long range of projects, and I've always been very outspoken because I tend to have a lot of opinions about both strategic issues and technical issues surrounding the projects I get involved with.

However, it took a ...