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Matt Dillon on Dragonfly journalling FS

I've never been much of a BSD guy - tend to run Linux at home - but I do admire Matt Dillon a lot. A co-worker mentioned this
to me, and it's just immensely cool.

Dillon is working on a journalling FS that allow ...

My Semantic Web reading for the weekend (and the next couple of months)

I just stumbled on
Dave Beckett's Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide. I wish I had known about this when I was writing my semantic web essay last month... An absolutely amazing list of resources.


Harald Welte: Giving the GPL teeth

For a second time Harald Welte have managed to secure a preliminary injunction against a likely GPL violator.

Add to that tireless work in discussing the GPL with alledged violators and handing out large numbers of cease and desist letters, and Harald has become one of ...

Whiteboard Fountain

Why don't we have a Whiteboard Dry Erase Stainless Steel Water Wall Fountain in the office? Some nice running water AND a whiteboard in one! And so cheap at only $5,998.00!


XAML vs XUL with a bit of Entity thrown in

I haven't bothered following Avalon and XAML a lot, so mezzoblue: Avalon/XAML First Look was a very interesting quick overview.

My impression is that this isn't very interesting.

XUL show significant more promise in the pure UI space for the reasons that 1) it's ...

The RDF data model and databases

I've been thinking about the RDF data model a lot lately. Including reading up on SPARQL. Initially I didn't like it. However after a while it struck me that the RDF model + SPARQL actually matches most of what I do with databases a lot more than the relational model ...

Back from Paris - in love with Eurostar

Just got back from Paris around 8pm. Left home around 6.30am this morning. It's great to just be able to zip in to Waterloo, sit down on a comfy train and wake up in the middle of Paris just a metro ride or two away from your destination (and contrary to ...

BNF -> parser assembler

Ok, so tonight I set myself a goal of preparing an initial version of a BNF grammar with some extensions intended as a starting point for a tool to convert BNF into assembly for my parser assembler (I need to think of a proper name for it soon...). Here is the ...

Why did I not know about the Opus 25 year anniversary collection?

Opus/Bloom County/Outland is one of my all times favourite comics. If you haven't ready it, shame on you.. If you're a fan but have completely failed to notie the 25 year anniversary collection just like me (yes, I'm deeply disturbed by the fact tht I have overlooked it for this long), ...