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5 simple ways to troubleshoot using Strace

I keep being surprised how few people are aware of all the things they can use strace for. It's always one of the first debug tools I pull out, because it's usually available on the Linux systems I run, and it can be used to troubleshoot such a wide variety of ...

LDAP braindamage

I've been configuring LDAP at work (specifically OpenLDAP). Why, oh why does libnss-ldap find it necessary to do a reverse lookup on the IP address of the LDAP server it is configured to use after it has already connected to it?

Presumably it's some sort of misguided attempt at checking ...

SCO: Crash and burn

you'll find PJ doing her great analysis work again - this time on SCO's 10K, which they've finally delivered.

The overall impression is that it would suck really badly to be a SCO shareholder at this point. Not that it hasn't before. But this 10K is ...

South Korea to promote Linux use

CNET reports that South Korea is to promote Linux use.

It makes sense for governments to be pro Open Source. Regardless of the cost issue, open source has the advantage that it guarantees open access - in a ...

Defender of the Linux faith has an interesting article titled Defender of the Linux faith | CNET about Harald Welte and his work on

Since setting up the project, Welte has made 25 agreements with companies that were violating the GPL, ...

GNOME 2.10 released

Gnome 2.10 is out.
Release notes here.

Highlights include file manager UI improvements, more background images and patterns included, the Totem video player, the Sound Juicer CD ripper, new version of Evolution with better offline and calendar support, and lots more


'This is a sinking boat'

It sometimes takes a while, but the article A Linux Nemesis on the Rocks over at Business Week is a good demonstration that there are limits to how long you'll be able to deceive the mainstream press.

If you've been following the SCO ...