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Information overload

In the last couple of months, I've added at least a hundred feeds to my aggregator. At the same time I've suffered from information overload in my e-mail for years, to the point where I now mostly just scan the subjects of my main mailbox and direct anybody I actually want ...

Technological singularity

Daniel Lemire has a short entry on technological singularity, or in other word the idea that at some point humanity may develop technology that leads to a phase of rapid development that is so beyond our comprehension that we will be unable to predict ...

Communities of purpose

Nova Spivack has a short blurb titled Minding the Planet: Communities of Purpose: The Third Type of Community. He mentions wanting to create tools to help people create more productive communities of purpose.

The question then, is what should ...

First mover advantage

In the business world you'll often hear about 'first mover advantage'. It has an almost mythical quality to it: Gain first mover advantage, and all will be well. Of course, everyone knows it's not sufficient for success, but it is seen as a way of massively increasing your chances.

But is ...

Innovation through inaccurate emulation

On the train home today I suddenly for no apparent reason started thinking about a subject that have interested me for a long time: The idea of innovation as a side effect of inaccurately emulating something else.

If you've ever looked at a picture of some device and imagined how it ...