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Copyright and patents are NOT property

Dana Blankenhorn posted an excellent rebuttal to Jonathan Schwartz' latest tripe:

"Let me respond as clearly as I can. I don’t believe in IP. Patents and copyrights are monopolies, allowed under the Constitution for ...

Plugged in to Microsoft's biggest rival

Via Peter O'Kellys reality check: The Seattle Times: Microsoft: Plugged in to Microsoft's biggest rival:

"My belief is that open-source software is going to help drive the acquisition cost of software down toward zero," he said, a shift ...

The fall of mass culture?

In FAQ: Does the rise of the LT = the fall of mass culture? Chris Anderson asks the question if the long tail - the increasing effectivity we can address niches with - means ...

Semantic Web for Extending and Linking Formalisms

I came across this paper by chance while searching for material on Z notation and RDF. It's an interesting read on the use of RDF for expressing languages used for formal methods.

While reading it, something occured to me (I'm sure it's not an original idea, but I haven't ...

Serving XML: Pipelines and Filters

Serving XML is a system for pipelining XML via SAX, passing the data through a series of SAX filters and/or XSL transformations.

Unfortunately for me it's Java (I read Java, and write a bit when I have to, but I still don't like it). However it's the concept ...

Essays marked by computer program

I sometimes in the past have wondered how boring it must be to grade papers that all follow the exact same patterns... But I must admit I didn't think we were quite that close to having software that can grade ...

Unixica - A tribute to Unix people and culture -- A tribute to Unix and its people is an interesting resource with a wealth of information and links related to the history of Unix, it's inventors and other interesting people.


lowercase semantic web

Related to my previous post, I found Lucas Gonze's entry on the lowercase semantic web via Marc's voice. I'll definitively be following what Lucas' writes.

Lucas' expresses some of the issues I've had over micro formats in ...

Against Micro Formats for the Semantic Web

I just finished reading Danny Ayers's ramblings on MicroFormats, and while he comes out a bit conflicted, it in some ways helped me get a clear view of my own position on it:

MicroFormats using XHTML is to me what tables for layout was to older ...