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Updated Graphviz tools on Github

I just added a new repository on GitHub containing the tools from my Graphviz / diagram related posts.
The repository can be found at:

These are the ones included and the appropriate articles:

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 16

From now on I'm not going to cover every little change - too much of it is repetitive, but I'll keep posting parts of this series to cover major changes. If you want to keep track of the changes "blow by blow",  Read more

Writing a compiler in Ruby bottom up - step 15

Starting on the parser

The time has come. All the previous parts to this series were mostly written a long time ago, but went through various cleanups. I originally said I had 20 lines up, but as I went through them many were consolidated into larger ones. This is the first ...

Just added a github repository for my compiler series

If you're following my compiler series you can now find a github repository here. For now I've just added the code published so far, but when I reach the end of the already written material I'll start making more fine grained commits.
Fork away :)