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The Oberon-07 language report is 17 pages

Niklaus Wirth turned 80 this year, and when stumbling on this link on HackerNews, I was reminded that I have had some notes sitting around in my drafts for a long time.

The Oberon-07 language report

You can find the PDF here

It starts with an Albert Einstein ...

Giant balls of typeless source files

Cedric posted this entry about an article by Steve Yegge called Dynamic languages strike back (it's slightly interesting, but nothing really new if you already like dynamic languages, though the section on trace trees is wel worth a read). Most of Cedric's comments were unremarkable, but this ...

A brief introduction to Semantic Dictionary Encoding

I've read a lot of research papers over the years, but there I keep coming back to like Professor Dr. Michael Franz' doctoral dissertation: Code-Generation On-the-Fly: A Key to Portable Software (PDF).

I've been harping about Semantic Dictionary Encoding (SDE) ever since I first read the paper back in ...

How to sell and not sell a new programming language

"Everyone" that's geeky enough sooner or later at least toy with the idea of their own language (or like me write several half-assed toy compilers to test concepts - hopefully I'll actually see my latest one all the way through).

But what keeps amazing me is how new languages tends ...