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Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology

Stanford has a great tutorial online as part of their Protégé project (an open source ontology editor in Java w/an OWL plugin). You can find the tutorial here

I found the link to Protégé at Chaz Blog - seems he's running into some of the same ...

What on earth are Ontologies and taxonomies?

Search Science has a great little summary here


The complexities of OWL

I've spent today writing on an essay on the Semantic Web, and reading up more particularly on OWL.

What hits me is the complexity. The OWL Guide was a big help, but I still find it difficult to see how to apply it to the real world. I mean, I ...

Writing 4000 words on the Semantic Web

... turns out to be very easy. My biggest problem with my essay assignment is going to be to cut it down enough to fit within the word limit.

I should have done less reading before I started :)

I won't post the full essay, but I'll make notes on any ...

Wired summary of EU software patents

Wendy M. Grossmann has written a good summary of the current status of the EU software patents mess here


Defender of the Linux faith has an interesting article titled Defender of the Linux faith | CNET about Harald Welte and his work on

Since setting up the project, Welte has made 25 agreements with companies that were violating the GPL, ...

David Weinberger on taxonomy and tags

David Weinberger has posted som short noted from his birds of a feather on taxonomy and tags from etech that's well worth a read.

They sum up quite simply the differences between "real world" taxonomies, structured around ...


Dan Gillmor has some scathing comments on Bush and taxpayer-funded propaganda.

It's scary reading. I've never had any illusions about the objectivity of the press, but I have generally assumed a certain minimum level of honesty, even if blatantly biased ...