You may want to take a look at my blog, mostly covering technical subjects, and dominated by my series on writing a Ruby compiler in Ruby for the last few years.

I'm also interested in devops, and lately have been deploying most of my stuff inside Docker containers.

I run a consulting business part time, focusing on devops, Linux setup/sysadmin and developent in a range of languages (C, C++, Ruby, Javascript, PHP etc.). Related to my development, you can find my Github profile here

Lastly, my dad spent significant amount of time preparing a family tree covering many thousand relatives, including a significant number of currently living relatives in Norway and USA. If your last name is Hokstad, there is an approximately 50% chance we are related (if your name is "Hogstad" with a "g", however, it is possible but far less likely we are related). The result can be found here as a zip archive of his DBase III+ application and database -

I hope to export the data using dbfdump and put it on my website at some point - if you are interested in the data but can't extract it from the zip file above, feel free to contact me ([email protected]).