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Turtle progress and parser assembler

After my success with the BNF generator yesterday, I just had to redo my Turtle parser based on the BNF in the Turtle spec. Thanks to the clarity of the grammar I rewrote the parser in less than an hour. Though "rewrote" is exaggerating - I cut and pasted the ...

XML Parser with my parser assembler

One of the best ways of testing a new translator/compiler/interpreter is to feed it complex input. So I set about creating an XML parser.

It took me less than 4 hours to get a more-or-less working SAX parser for the complete XML grammar, and more than half of that was troubleshooting ...

My BNF -> parser assembler translator works!

As part of my parser assembler work, I've gotten my BNF to parser assembler translator to translate it's own BNF to parser assembler equivalent to it's own parser... In other words, it's successfully bootstrapped.

There are still some holes to plug, and the code is a real mess, but this ...

Parser assembler update

My BNF to parser assembler translator is coming along nicely, allthough slower than I had hoped. My plan is to finish most of it within a week or so, and put together a webpage with the source code etc. the following weekend. Then it'll be time to go back and test ...

Validating a parser generator

A large part of validating a parser generator, such as my BNF to parser assembler tool is ensuring the generated parser is equivalent to a well tested hand written parser.

Generally, my approach is to start bringing the hand written parser for ...

Parser generation from BNF

I've been slow to post the last few days because I've been working on my parser assembler, and in particular a tool to generate assembly from BNF. I ran into two problems that's been slowing me down:

- I'm not quite comfortable with the trigger mechanism yet - the issue is ...

BNF -> parser assembler

Ok, so tonight I set myself a goal of preparing an initial version of a BNF grammar with some extensions intended as a starting point for a tool to convert BNF into assembly for my parser assembler (I need to think of a proper name for it soon...). Here is the ...

Turtle parser update

My Turtle parser is getting along quite nicely. The parser bytecode itself still weighs in at less than a KB, and I've built a very simple RDF model and code to generate triples.

As it stands it now passes most of the pre-requisite tests specified in the Turtle spec. ...

Parser assembler, RDF and Turtle

I've kept working on my parser assembler, but it's moving slow thanks to actually having a day job to do... However tonight I mostly finished a parser for Turtle - a subset of N3 that allows convenient specification of RDF triples.

It ended up at about 1KB of bytecode, ...