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Ken Livingstone and how to handle the press

No matter what you think about his politics, Ken Livingstone (the mayor of London) knows how to deal with the press. And found his response when a national newspaper apparently threatened to "expose" that he has three kids by two previous partners quite funny:

But all the people who ...

So much for giving up the OOXML fight - Demonstration in Oslo

Geir Isene is reporting that there's a demonstration planned for April 9th outside a conference of the ISO group responsible for the OOXML travesty. Wish I could be in Oslo to join in...


OOXML: Ashamed of Standard Norge and insulting comments from Alex Brown

As a Norwegian, I've been steaming all weekend over the decision of the Norwegian national body to vote for OOXML against the wishes of the technical committee. Promoting the repair shop philosophy is a good redux on the embarrassing decision. Tthe only votes for were reportedly from Standard Norge bureaucrats, ...

Atheist website censored as 'occult'

Via Atheist revolution: The atheist website God is for Suckers! has been blocked by the censorware of SonicWall in yet another example of why censor ware is bad you.

The problem I have with censor ware is that the people being censored are rarely ...

An alternative view on the pope

I sickens me to see the attention the pope's health gets. Not least because he himself have shown such blatant disregard for the health of the millions of people he has sentenced to death with his continuing hardline view on condom use.

Millions of people are dead or dying as a ...

TSA lied about Secure Flight

Joi Ito has a very disturbing entry about the US Transportation Security Administration, and their passenger profiling efforts: It's Official: TSA Lied

What disturbs me the most about these programs is the secrecy and the fact that there's been no form of independent ...

Starved for Logic

I've mostly tried not posting anything directly about Schiavo - the closest I've been getting being my comments on a couple of the starvation pieces posted yesterday - because it angers me that people feel they have a right to meddle in what should have been a private matter.

However I ...

Do you care about lives or about votes?

First I saw the Blog for America piece that I mentioned earlier tonight, then now I notices Patric Logan has been writing about the same thing:
Making it stick.: Preventing Death

He quotes 13.000 children a day dying of hunger related causes. Add to ...