Atheist website censored as 'occult' 2005-04-17

Via Atheist revolution: The atheist website God is for Suckers! has been blocked by the censorware of SonicWall in yet another example of why censor ware is bad you.

The problem I have with censor ware is that the people being censored are rarely in a situation where they would be comfortable asking for a misclassified (and classifying an atheist site as "cult/occult" is hardly accurate) site to be unblocked.

A parent, for instance, that considers it acceptable to censor in the first place is not the kind of parent I think a child would be likely to want to approach about a site with a name like "God is for suckers" even if it was not what the parent intended to block in the first place.

The most unfortunate effect of censorware is that the censor has the ability to extend what is censored far outside the bounds of what was expected by their customers with little or no recourse for the people actually affected.

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