Vacation over 2009-08-19

Just got back from a short vacation on the Isle of Wight and New Forest on Sunday night... Since then we've been relaxing at home, apart from a two hour detour to the office.

Tristan and me on the Esplanade in Ventnor:

The trip was nice - we had some trepidation in advance about bringing Tristan on another vacation at just a bit over 3 months. He was very good in Norway earlier this summer, but then we were around family and my mom and her partner used the opportunity to take him off our hands a lot of the time. Especially since we don't drive, and so took a cab to the station, train from Croydon to Portsmouth, ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde, train from Ryde Pier Head (the station - below - lies half a mile off the shore, as the ferries can't safely get closer) to Shanklin and cab from Shanklin to Ventnor just to get to our hotel. But he was calm the whole time.

After a few days on Isle of Wight we went to Lyndhurst, New Forest and spent the weekend there, with visits to Lymington, Beaulieu (compulsory complaint: Why, oh why must the English pronounce everything inconsistently - the "English" pronunciation of Beaulieu just refuses to stick in my head; I guess that's what I get from actually knowing how the French "beau lieu" which the name comes from is pronounced; also: Lynd-hurst, but Ash-urst) and Exbury gardens.

Next time we'll probably spend a bit longer in one place - dragging all the extra stuff required for a baby with us made it a bit stressful, and scheduling everything around his feeding and nap times and diaper changes made things a bit frantic.

Last three days we haven't even left the house apart from my little office trip. "Recovering" from the trip I guess... Besides, it's been far too hot out today.

... otherwise

... I've finally been hacking a bit on my Ruby compiler project again today (and I did a few bits and pieces whenever I could find a spare minute in the last week or so before I went off on vacation), and just got a couple more things I want to wrap up before posting another part in my series. I hope to post another part in a week or two.

Specifically I'm working towards making #attr_reader/writer/accessor work, which seems simple, but it led me down a rabbit hole to implement basics of Symbol, #define_method, as well as fix a number of bugs. On the upside getting this in place also means adding better debug output to #method_missing becomes simpler, and I have reasons to think that execution of the compiled version of the compiler itself will get a massive step closer.

Best way of keeping an eye on what's going on in the meantime is to follow my Github commits, or my Twitter feed.

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