An alternative view on the pope 2005-04-02

I sickens me to see the attention the pope's health gets. Not least because he himself have shown such blatant disregard for the health of the millions of people he has sentenced to death with his continuing hardline view on condom use.

Millions of people are dead or dying as a result of HIV and other STD's that would have been healthy had they OR their partners not believed they'd go to hell if they did not listen to him.

It is easy to try to dismiss this as a case of personal choice, but when someone is in a position where hundreds of millions of people believe this person is their direct link to "God", it is too simplistic to try to ignore the hold that person has on the choices made and pretend this person does not have any kind of responsibility for what he tells people.

I will not grieve for the pope. I will show the same lack of concern for his life as he has shown for others.

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