Ken Livingstone and how to handle the press 2008-04-11

No matter what you think about his politics, Ken Livingstone (the mayor of London) knows how to deal with the press. And found his response when a national newspaper apparently threatened to "expose" that he has three kids by two previous partners quite funny:
But all the people who have shared my private life at one point or another was [sic] on the basis it was private between us. And they didn't expect me to be pontificating on the TV about it." I don't talk about my private life - it seems like only yesterday the press was trying to imply I was gay. No one has ever found anything that was illegal or immoral. I have never discussed my private life because it is not a relevant factor. I don't think anybody in this city will be shocked by what two consenting adults do, as long as you don't include children, animals and vegetables.
The whole thing makes the newspapers who today try their best to make his three previous children seem like a well kept secret look quite silly and immature (but then that's what the British tabloid press does best - even better than when they play vengeful vigilates) when he's not responding like someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and stabs them in the back by being all reasonable. Of course a couple of people have already hooked on to the "vegetable" bit

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