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Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload

Harvard Business School has a site called "Working Knowledge" and I just happened to come across a link to an article there called The Leadership Workshop: Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload (found it over the blog of Mike ...

Support British loos - Join the BTA!

The British Toilet Association - Campaigning for better public toilets for all

I've been looking for an organization to be active in, but perhaps this isn't it... :)


Grafitti artists 'exhibits' in New York's most famous museums

Grafitti artist 'Banky' managed to sneak his works into several of New York's most famous museums, claiming he could do just as well as the artists exhibited: Wooster Collective on Banksy's stunt (with photos of the works).

I love ...

Larry Lessig on Searching Creative Commons

Yahoo! has just launched a Creative Commons search as beta, and over at the Yahoo Search Blog Larry Lessig has this to say on Searching Creative Commons.

There's also this blurb by Mike Linksvayer on the Creative Commons blog.


Whatever happened to...?

Endless fun: The Online Compendium of 'What Ever Happened To' and 'Where Are They Now?

A great site to go to whenever you wonder who you haven't seen that guy in any movies lately and ...

A photo a day...

There is this crazy guy who have done something I've thought about every now and again, but always been too lazy to do anything about.

Since October 1st 1998, except for a few months break in '99 and early 2000, he has taken a pic of himself every single day.


Collective Type: Cooperative font design

Devon Strawn: Collective Type, Wikis, and Eigenmedia pointed me to Collective Type, a project to explore what happens if you let random people affect a font design. Each character in the final font will be composed of a combination of 255 images ...

Say it with software art...

... at, a fascinating collection of links to things like Perl poetry, and evil abuses of C (aka Duff's device).


Newspapers from 1817 to 1930 searchable online

Related to yesterdays entry on paywalls I thought it worth pointing to The Scotsman Digital Archive

The Scotsman has made every copy from 1817 to 1930 available online. The archive is NOT free - it costs from £7.95 for a 24 hour pass to ...