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Lenz on EU Council voting

If you're one of the people who're confused about the bizarre way the EU Council finally approved the software patents directive, you owe yourself to read Aussi Les Autres by Karl-Friedrich Lenz.


Transcript of EU Council Meeting on Software Patent Directive

Head over to Groklaw for a transcript and discussion of the EU Council meeting that adopted the software patents directive.

FFII also have a page with English and French transcripts as well as a audio recording ...

2005-03-07 Council sends a mockery of a CP to the EP

For more on the EU Councils approval of the software patent directive, se this article: Council sends a mockery of a CP to the EP

One interesting tidbit from the article: 'Danish minister of economic affairs Bendt Bendtsen explained that ...

EU Council Presidency violates Council rules to force through software patents

According to this article the EU Council Presidency decided to force software patents through the Council against objections from at least Portugal, Denmark, Poland and Cyprus despite the fact that discussion of a point as a B-item according to the EU ...