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Pervasive version control

Martin Fowler, consultant and author of books such as UML Distilled has an interesting short article on Subversion:

As someone who uses version control all the time, I think it's something that can grow into more areas of computer use. Other than software developers, few ...

Type composition in static languages

Over the years, one of the things that have kept fascinating me is the subject of runtime type composition. In other words: Combining a complete type from separate implementations of interfaces.

Or more specifically, how to do this in an efficient way in a statically typed language, such as C++. ...

Ajax, promise or hype

QuirksBlog: Ajax, promise or hype? is a great summary of AJAX, the discussion around it, some history, and some suggestions.

(If you've missed it, AJAX stands for Asynchroneous JAvascript + XML. It's a paradigm for creating web applications by leveraging the support for ...

Why REST is Better

Manageability - Why REST is Better - Part 1 - Explained in Code is part 1 in a series of (so far?) 5 articles over at (this blog is highly recommended if you're interested in ...

SOAP and simplicity - why not just REST?

Sean McGrath's article 'Behind the firewall, nobody can hear you scream.' provides a great summary of some of the issues with SOAP

Personally, my main griped with SOAP (and with XML-RPC but to a much lesser extent), ...

Algorithmic world building the Elite way

Ever since I realised how Elite worked, the concept of using algorithms seeded by pseudo-random number generator have fascinated me.

In Elite, the whole "universe" was formed by seeding a simple pseudo random number generator with a fixed value and following fixed steps to generate "galaxies", and then seeding ...

Design patterns and embedded design

RealTime Mantra at is a useful resource covering varying aspects of realtime and embedded software design.

It also contains a great set of sequence diagrams for implementing various network protocols, as well as design patterns and a more formal pattern catalog. While the main focus is ...