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More on my assembly language for parsing

As I wrote previously I'm experimenting with an 'assembly language' for parsing.

I'm about halfway through writing the parser for the assembler in itself and temporarily hard wiring it into the virtual machine to bootstrap it.

Lessons learned so far include: I really DO want a couple more high level ...

ACM Queue - On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures

Via Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check:

ACM Queue - On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures - an interesting look at plug in architectures, using Eclipse as one example.


An 'assembly' language for parsing

I've mentioned my forays into push parsers previously. But after looking at that approach, I realised I needed a bit more flexibility. So I got the idea of designing a tiny assembly like language for building push parsers with. This is analogous to building an NFA or DFA, but with ...

Wikinerds: Interview with Hurd developer Marcus Brinkmann

Take a look at the interview - it's long, but cover Marcus' work on Hurd, thoughts on GNU, micro kernels, becoming a programmer and more. Interesting stuff.


Revolting co-routines in C

I came across a link to this post (see in particular the response by Tom Duff) over at Brainwagon about using Duff's device (as if Duff's device isn't revolting enough to start with) to implement Coroutines in C.

Eughh.... ...

Simple push parsers

I've been toying with a simple table driven push parser class today. Normally I write my parsers as recursive descent either with or without a separate lexer stage.

However I've already disliked pull parsers because it's inflexible - the parser and not you control the amount of IO. As such it ...

Visual programming

PlutoSpin- GIPSpin (Graphical Interface Programming) is the latest in a long range of attempts at visual programming systems (not to be confused with visual IDE's for text based languages).

I'm not convinced of the versatility of the approach they've taken, but I always like taking ...

Why does all diagramming tools SUCK?

During work, and as part of my part time studies, I frequently have the need to create diagrams. Most often things like UML diagrams, flowcharts and ER diagrams.

So far I've yet to find a single usable - be it closed source or open source diagramming package.

The genral problem seems ...