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What on earth are Ontologies and taxonomies?

Search Science has a great little summary here


The complexities of OWL

I've spent today writing on an essay on the Semantic Web, and reading up more particularly on OWL.

What hits me is the complexity. The OWL Guide was a big help, but I still find it difficult to see how to apply it to the real world. I mean, I ...

David Weinberger on taxonomy and tags

David Weinberger has posted som short noted from his birds of a feather on taxonomy and tags from etech that's well worth a read.

They sum up quite simply the differences between "real world" taxonomies, structured around ...

Semantic Web Round Up

I've written a few entries about the Semantic Web already, but since my deadline is nearing on my essay for the MSc. course I'm doing, I've started rounding up a few links that I think is worthwhile sharing as well.

That's a debate that seems to be getting ...

The lowercase semantic web

Tantek Çelik and Kevin marks have a presentation titled Real world semantics covering micro formats and other building blocks of a "lo-tech" version of the semantic web focusing on an evolutionary, developer led approach rather than the committee approach.


Danny Ayers: XML and/or RDF

Danny Ayers have another great article on RDF, using Amazon's OpenSearch Description Document. He briefly ties it in to FOAF and DOAP (a RDF schema describing a vocabulary for describing an open source project).


UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card

Via: Danny Ayers, Raw Blog:

"The UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card is a handy "cheat sheet" for semantic web developers and programmers. It can be printed double sided on one sheet of paper and tri-folded. The card lists common RDF/RDFS/OWL classes and properties, popular ...

TV Listings via RSS/Atom?

I want my TV listings via RSS or Atom. Atom would be great because it allows arbitrary XML to be inserted, so you could add RDF triples to add machine readable versions of most of the information.

It would in particular be interesting to allow easy publication of customised schedules for ...