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Exploring the Semantic Web: MeNow and MusicBrainz has an interesting entry on using RDF data from MusicBrainz to export information about the music tracks he's currently listening to, and how it'll allow him to link that information to, for instance, license data, review information, FOAF data etc. without having to explicitly combine the data sets:

Playing with RSS

Been busy all day programming, and testing out RSS enabling assorted stuff, including my e-mail - just love how easy it is to churn out feeds from any information source available and instantly have it accessible from a wide variety of applications, including Firefox.


Improve my bookmarks!

It just hit me that it's extremely annoying to manage bookmarks, and I REALLY want people to stick more metadata in their document headers, and for bookmark managers to extract it and annotate the bookmarks and let me use the data to search the stored bookmarks. It's one of those blindingly ...

RDF and the Semantic Web ludicrous ideas?

I came across this: RDF and the Semantic Web are ludicrous ideas | Semiologic which is a short and thought provoking alternative view of the Semantic Web. I had to post a response, part of which I quote the most ...

Semantic web as future reality

This entry at Fred on Something neatly summarises my painful experiences while reading the W3 specs and assorted tutorial this weekend:

The thing is that RDF is not intended to be easily understood by humans like simple XML documents. RDF is intended to be understood ...

N3 as a logic language

After yesterday's entry Understanding the Semantic Web: N3 to the rescue I went on to spend some time actually starting to write a N3 parser. The language is straightforward enough, though the BNF grammar was a bit awkward.


Understanding the Semantic Web: N3 to the rescue

I've spent most of today reading up on RDF, OWL and other painful stuff. Things were going really slowly (what f******d decided using set theory to describe the RDF semantics was a good idea, when it could have been so "simple" if they'd instead just explained things in terms of what ...

Ah... I get it now: It's Prolog all over again

Metalog - the semantic web query/logical system seems to be exactly what I've been looking for in terms of allowing simple exploration of Semantic Web technologies without all the lofty promises clouding things up.

Take a look at the quick guide and ...

Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology

Stanford has a great tutorial online as part of their Protégé project (an open source ontology editor in Java w/an OWL plugin). You can find the tutorial here

I found the link to Protégé at Chaz Blog - seems he's running into some of the same ...