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Exam time yet again

When I quit uni ten years ago for my first startup, I thought I'd had my last exam... But now exam time is rapidly approaching again. Only a single course this time around, and an easy one at that, but I still need to read. And a week afterwards it's at ...

DIY hell - again...

But I've finally finished the living room painting and flooring, so at least parts of the house are starting to look decent. Just missing some skirting board, a few book cases and a nice, big, plasma TV and I'll be happy with the living room ;)
Mostly, anyway.


Miss having a cat

There is something extremely compelling about Wil Wheaton's writing. Even when writing about how he has to let go
to save it from further suffering, he manages to do it in an upbeat way by telling the story of how ...

Bloody daylight savings

There's few things that irritate me more than forgetting daylight savings. Luckily we had the bank holiday monday due to Easter this year. However there is one thing that is more annoying: Why the .... does Europe and the US need to switch one week apart?

I always forget about it ...


Off to paint the last bits of the living room... I hate DIY (not as much for the work itself as for losing the time I could otherwise have spent doing something else), so something I think I'm certifiably insane for having bought a house that needs so much work.


I love Wing-Yip

While Croydon is hardly the most glamorous London borough to live in (but hey, Arthur Conan Doyle used to live up the road from me, and D.H. Lawrence used to teach at a school in the road I live in, so at least it was once cultured :) ), it ...

Just finished watching the new Dr Who

I've only seen bits and pieces of the older ones, so I can't speak much for whether or not it matches the old ones in style, but I was pleasantly surprised. Both with the quality of the effects, and the lighthearted approach.

It certainly didn't take itself too seriously, and ...

Finished my essay!

The hardest part was cutting it down from 6000 to 4000 words, but I did it once I finally managed to stop procrastinating and actually did some work.

So now I'm going to spend the rest of the evening munching cheesecake and writing a parser engine - I got this ...

Done writing - now for the deletions and references

Finished writing the bulk of the text for my essay... Now I need to trim it down from 6000 words to the 4000 word limit. Somehow I think my 10.000-15.000 word dissertation next year is going to be rather straightforward. I hate having to cut, but I hate writing with the ...