I love Wing-Yip 2005-03-27

While Croydon is hardly the most glamorous London borough to live in (but hey, Arthur Conan Doyle used to live up the road from me, and D.H. Lawrence used to teach at a school in the road I live in, so at least it was once cultured :) ), it has it advantages, one of which is the Wing Yip 'superstore'.

I love it. Over the last couple of years I've developed an addiction to dim sum, and it's annoying having to go in to central London to get my fix (though now I work just minutes away from New World, one of the best dim sum restaurants in town, provided you can stand the pushy 'service'). That was until we discovered the Wing Yip centre in Croydon only about 20 minutes by bus away.

Isle after isle of dim sum, Chinese snacks, noodles, cakes, exotic (to me anyway) fruits and other fun stuff I'll probably end up tasting even though I don't know what it is (always fun to try to figure it out only from taste...).

We've filled the freezer now, so we'll be steaming dumplings every other day or so for the next few weeks.

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