Trackback / comment spammers still at it... 2008-03-26

It is more than a little bit depressing that after a two year hiatus, I still see hundreds of hits a day to my old Movable Type comment and trackback URL's (that helpfully only returns 404's now). The question is of course how soon someone picks up on my new comment box, though I hope that these assholes don't waste too much time manually adjusting their bots.

If they do, it's of course CAPTCHA time.

The countdown begins...


Turns out that including the string "trackback" and/or "comment" in a post makes it attract comment spamming bots like honey... After I enabled comments I've had one attempt at posting comment spam to all my other post combined, and about 15 to this post. One or two of those might have been pranks, given the content, but most of them are clearly not, including a couple meaningless ones that didn't include a link - popping them into Google showed they exact same strings have been posted all over the place, possibly testing a comment spam bot.

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