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Honeynet project estimates 1 million machines in use as botnets

Netcraft has this report Netcraft: Honeynet: At Least 1 Million Machines in use as Botnets.

Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets paints a scary picture. With one botnet reaching more than 50,000 compromised machines, the potential damage both to ...

AOL clarifies IM privacy guarantee

According to an article by Declan McCullagh at, AOL plans to revise its user agreement after the uproar over their excessively restrictive terms. I mentioned the AIM Terms of Service here.


Free ride vs. 'pay-wall'

Dan Gillmor and Doc Searls have both commented on the New York Times article
Can Papers End the Free Ride Online?

Both comment on how putting the content behind a "pay-wall" or "costwall" reduces their ...

Mangle other peoples pages (legally of course)

Greasemonkey is heaven sent if you ever run across sites with useful content but that are persistently "broken" or have usability problems. It lets you write small scripts to modify another sites web pages on the fly as you're visiting them.

A wide range of ready ...

If the world was run like EBay the pimp would be redundant...

...according to the BBC. An interesting overview of loan mediator Zopa that also happen to mention Escort mediator Adultwork (sexual imagery and descriptions abound - enter at your own risk)