My blog, version 2 2008-03-20

I started and ended my first blog back in 2005. What caused the demise of my blog later that year was the workload I ended up with as we started preparing to launch Edgeio during evenings and weekends while I was still at Yahoo. It's time to give it a go again, though I'm still extremely busy... Nothing like some pressure. As last time I expect I'll end up writing a mix of everything on my mind ranging from random sites I like (though the Stumbleupon feed on the right hand side will take most of that) to politics, technology and of course extreme geekery (I have a lot of notes on a hobby project to bootstrap a compiler - expect lengthy posts with copious amount of Ruby and x86 assembler at some point...)

I also expect to make the occasional post about the company I work at, a great London web development agency called Aardvark Media, as well as any startups I meddle with - currently SpatialQ, where I'm on the board, and Skoach (where I'm only providing occasional advice)

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